Roger Ziegler

Congratulations, you've discovered the secret page to the first book of The Dragon Codex! High fives!!! You are invited to join the super secret evil fighting organization known as The Order of Mushu.

Your first job is to help protect the Universe from The Bowling League of Big Evil, the most powerful force of evilness in the Universe.

It will take great skill, wits and even some luck, to succeed.

Your contact is New York Police Department detective and member of the Order of Mushu, John Grace. He will help guide you through your training.

Remember things are not often what they seem. It is very important to know which reality you're in  and what the rules are, or you could wind up scattered into a billion pieces or worse, with a really bad headache.

Begin your mission by signing up below. Choose your secret code name and await your instructions. Good Luck and may the power of the dragon feed you, but remember to brush your teeth afterwards.